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The Impact Report: A Testament to Resilience
Sequoia Parks Conservancy is proud to announce the release of the KNP Complex Fire Recovery Fund Impact Report, a comprehensive overview of the journey from devastation to restoration. You are invited to view the report, share it widely, and join in the next phase of the mission by contributing to help reach the $1 million goal.

Donations to the fund support sequoia conservation, lost habitat restoration, repairs to damaged cultural and historic structures, and wildfire mitigation efforts. 100% of every dollar donated supports these efforts within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Overview of the KNP Complex Fire:
On September 9, 2021, lightning strikes ignited a series of fires, merging into the colossal KNP Complex Fire. After months of relentless efforts, authorities declared containment on December 16, 2021, leaving behind scars on 88,000 acres and 16 giant sequoia groves. Tragically, 1,330 to 2,380 ‘monarchs,’ the oldest and largest giant sequoias, face imminent death or severe injury. The KNP Complex, the biggest fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks’s history, left a broad spectrum of fire effects, with some areas within the fire’s footprints very severely burned, others moderately burned, and others affected very little. In the areas of highest fire intensity, 100% of trees and vegetation were killed, destroying wildlife habitat and thousands of trees.

Sequoia Parks Conservancy’s Response:
Responding swiftly to the crisis, Sequoia Parks Conservancy initiated the KNP Complex Recovery Fund to support the National Park Service’s repair and renewal efforts. During the fire’s fury, the community, comprising park lovers, stewards, grantors, and conservationists, raised 75% of the $1 million goal.