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$125 Group – 1 Hour Up to 8 People
$250 Group – 2 Hours
$375 Group – 3 Hours
$500 Group – 4 Hours
$625 Group – 5 Hours
$750 Group – 6 Hours

Gather with your group (up to 8) for this unique private group adventure! Meet your guide in front of the Giant Forest Museum and explore the Giant Forest! Your private guide will share amazing facts about the trees, park history, and wildlife. This trip offers something for first-time visitors or those coming back for the hundredth time.

Weather Conditions
The Giant Forest sits high in the mountains, and visitors must be prepared for various conditions. Hats, gloves, and clothing layers are strongly recommended.

  • Expect cold temperatures at night and throughout the winter
  • Slippery or icy driving conditions throughout the winter and spring
  • Hiking shoes are recommended, and snowshoes will be provided if needed.
  • Your walk will happen regardless of the weather, so be prepared for rain, snow, or sun. We love it, and so do the sequoias!
Hike Level: Custom
Duration: Varies by itinerary, maximum of 6 hours
Group Size: 8
Price: $125 per hour