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Hike and Heal Sequoia National Park is a series of Wilderness Wellness retreats facilitated by Sydney and Barry Williams of Hiking My Feelings in partnership with the Sequoia Parks Conservancy Field Institute.

Deep within you lies a wilderness waiting to be explored—a world of untapped potential, dreams, and desires. Our retreats are designed to help you navigate this uncharted territory and uncover the true essence of your being. Through introspective workshops, guided meditations, and transformative exercises, you will embark on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery, peeling back the layers to reveal your authentic self.

As you delve into the wilderness within, you will start to see the intricate threads that connect your inner world with the outer world of nature. Our skilled facilitators will help you understand the deep interplay between your thoughts, emotions, and the natural elements surrounding you. Through workshops and discussions, you will learn how to harness the wisdom of nature to cultivate mindfulness, resilience, and a profound sense of connection with the world around you.

It’s no secret that our wild spaces have been impacted by human activity. But here’s the beautiful truth: we have the power to make a positive change. In this immersive retreat, we will dive headfirst into the heart of environmental stewardship, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Together, we will embark on conservation projects, revitalizing trails, and restoring ecosystems, all while nurturing a deep connection to the lands we love.

We’re offering a series of stewardship retreat experiences at Sequoia National Park to help us connect the dots between the outer wilderness and the wilderness that exists within each of us. While these events are fantastic on their own, they are also very powerful when experienced in sequence, so if you feel called to sign up for all three, please do!

Our proven framework for tapping into the healing power of nature will empower you to build resilience, self-trust, compassion, and empathy. Integrating the skills learned in the park into your daily life back at home will help reduce stress, improve your mindset, and help you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

Hike Level: Moderate
Dates: June 28-30, 2024, July 19-21, 2024 & August 16-18, 2024
Group Size: 15
Price: $325 per person/trip

Here’s what to look forward to:
Stewardship projects to enrich your connection to the land.
Naturalist-led hikes with breathtaking views.
Guided self-discovery activities to shift your perspective.
Making memories with friends who feel like family.

$325 Registration includes:
Two-nights of camping
Mindful Hiking
Self-Reflection Resources
Community Connection
Gift Bag

For details on the two different retreats and trip itineraries, visit Hike and Heal Sequoia National Park.

Questions: ​call 559-565-4251